20 December 2023

Hey OKA family, 

We hope you are all doing really well and keeping safe out there.

We want to thank you for your continued understanding and patience as Stu's family works through sorry business surrounding his passing. As we all adjust to a new life without Stu, we are reminded of Stu's positivity, his lessons on ‘no fast moves’, and also moving forward through adversity. 

A Celebration of Life is being put together for 2024 and we will keep you posted with further updates as we know them. We thank you again for your patience as the family works through organising an event to honour the life of a man who touched many hearts and impacted many lives. 

With loving memories of Stu, we keep him close to our hearts, and know he lives on through us all. 

Wishing you and yours all the best this holiday season. 

Big love ❤️

The OKA crew

December 2022

Dear OKA Family,

As many of you know, Stuart Boga Fergie also known as ‘didgeristu’, the very much loved front man of OKA, passed away earlier this year on February 19th, 2022 from Covid complications.  With his ashes given back to the Creator on the beaches of the Sunshine Coast, Australia, he can now rest peacefully and continue his journey in the Spirit world. 

Stuart was a man of great strength, talent, love, compassion, conviction, and humility.  He loved bringing people together and sharing good vibes with everyone he came across.

He brought his musical ability and heart to every performance, and we all felt the magic OKA brought through gigs, Camp-out’s, listening to OKA at home, and the many other ways that Stu and OKA’s energy has weaved its way into our hearts and souls. 

A huge thanks to the OKA family for all the ongoing love and support. The outpouring of prayers and tributes has been deeply touching and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts ❤️

Stay safe out there and as Stu would say:

The Journey Continues...


NEW events on the horizon

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the Sunset Sessions A kaleidoscope of sonic colour with laid back, relax to the max, itchy beats allowing you to sink deep into visions of a melting beach front sunset horizon. Palm trees, Cool breeze and a positive attitude.

We are excited to share the first part of our new collection of music called 'O KA Aina' which translates to 'of the Land'. Its called ' the sunset sessions'

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